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Male Instinct storefront


Thank God, a man cave in Brown County!
Yes, a place where men LOVE to shop!

Located in a small, quaint town in Southern Indiana, Male Instinct is the ultimate man store filled with apparel, unique gifts, accessories and some “Hot Stuff!” Not your typical collection of items, there is a “Ton of Humor” packed into this cozy, comfortable shop.

Described as Macho, Masculine, Manly, and Distinctive — men head straight to Male Instinct knowing they will find something new or interesting to take home with them. As you walk through the door, you are instantly amazed at the hundreds of items both serious and funny.

The owner is funny and a bit crazy, and her style is reflected in many of the items displayed on the shelves and hanging on the walls.  Don’t let a bad day get you down… join us for a laugh or two; we promise you will feel better after you visit our store, you won’t be disappointed!

Experience this pleasant and fun store for all of the favorite men in your life.